Bill Jackson

William Jackson

Artist, Writer, Thespian. Wait, no. I meant to say Lesbian. William Jackson is a pioneer in the movement for art without integrity. Having had his shame glands removed after a childhood battle with early onset poopkemia, Bill Jackson (that's the same guy as the aforementioned William Jackson) is truly a master of his craft.

After moving to Los Angeles California with little else other than a need for cash, a then unrealized sense of white American male entitlement and a an ass off of which you could bounce a silver dollar, Bill has taken the industry by storm. One could easily make the case that he didn't take any industry by storm... unless they consider lying about stormtaking of industries as an industry... or making up words like "stormtaking". If Blizzard can do it, why can't anyone else?

Bill currently works in a subsection of the film industry where he spends a lot of his free time creating new and innovative ways to make himself as undesirable as possible in any professional context. Who are we kidding? Even at work, it's mostly dick jokes and nose picking for Mr. Jackson.

Somewhere in this description, it's probably worth mentioning that there's an irrelevant art degree floating around with his name on it. Since that little gem got added to the "Things Bill spent a ton of time earning" pile, there's been some work here and there. Real prestigious stuff. The kind of thing you find on craig's list. Goods have been peddled. Services have been provided. Tricks have been turned. Let's not even really talk about it. Seriously. Drop it.

For more information on William Jackson and his various methods for ruining his own life and career, please feel free to contact him directly.